Hustings debate Friday 6th December

The Fellowship of Kilmarnock Churches is to host a Hustings Debate before the UK Parliamentary elections

This will be held at the Howard Center, Portland Road Kilmarnock from 7 til 9 pm on Friday 6th December.

It is hoped all Parliamentary candidates will be there to express their local views and why you should elect them.

Our Candidate, Caroline Hollins will be there to stand up our local people.

The choice to be made in the election on 12th December could not be clearer.

It will be an opportunity for local people in Kilmarnock and Loudoun to defeat the SNP and elect an MP who will stand against Nicola Sturgeon’s plans for another Independence Referendum.

My other aims, if elected, are to –

1. Stand up for our local NHS and maintain local services

2. Campaign for local jobs and opportunities for young people

3. Support our local Town Centre and small businesses

4. Secure more investment for our local roads and transport links

Caroline said ”The Scottish Conservatives are the challengers to the SNP in Kilmarnock and Loudoun. Labour and the Liberal Democrats are now too weak to stand up to the SNP. That means voting Scottish Conservative and Unionist is the only choice if you want to beat the SNP in Kilmarnock and Loudoun and help stop another Independence Referendum. We said NO to Independence, now let’s show the SNP – We Meant It!"




The Format of the hustings evening is as follows.

After a brief introduction by the Chairman, each candidate will have the opportunity to make a statement, not exceeding 5 minutes. The remainder of the evening will consist of questions from the audience in issues of concern.

In response, each candidate will have two minutes to answer the question. The Chairman will ensure the audience understands, that each candidate has the right to be heard, regardless of opposing views. At the end of the evening, candidates will be asked to make a brief concluding Statement.