Delivering for Scotland

Scottish Conservatives are proud to be Scottish.

We believe Scotland is Much better off being part of the most effective Political Union history has ever seen.

The grass isn't always greener in the next field, indeed in the case for Scottish independence, the next field is virtually a wasteland and here is why.


Scotland trades more with the rest of the UK than we do with the rest of the world combined.

According to the latest Scottish Government figures, our largest trading partner by far is the rest of the UK. This Home Market makes up 60% of our total trade - a massive £48.9bn. A hard border with England would erect trade barriers with England.

The EU accounts for 18% of our total exports, standing at £14.9bn and our trade with the rest of the world stands at 22%, totalling £17.6bn.

Scotland only Generates 8% of the total UK Tax income, yet we spend 9.3%

That means Scotlands Deficit was £12.6bn, or 7% of GDP, compared to just 1.1% across the rest of the UK.

Putting it into a clearer perspective. That's an annual extra boost, of £1,986.00 for every single person in Scotland, or £7,872, for a family of 4.

The figure is just unsustainable in an independent Scotland.

These figures are from the Scottish Governments own GERS Expendature report, (GERS), which the SNP conveniently "forget" to tell people about.

Another fact the SNP forget to tell people is that this deficit is more than double the level set by the EU for all member states. So there would be no automatic entry to the EU, as Sturgeon is claiming. We would need to sort all this first, and that's no easy task. where is the average family going to find even half of £7,872 per year.


Independence would be 8 times as costly for Scotland as the worst-case Brexit. Leaving the UK after 300 years would be far harder than Britain leaving the EU after just 40 years

Whatever your views on Brexit, independence is not the answer. 

Read the report from Scottish Business UK here.